Choose four methods for industrial vacuum cleaners

Choose four methods for industrial vacuum cleaners.Choose four methods for industrial vacuum cleaners.Industrial vacuum cleaner choose and buy when quality, function is applicable, operation is convenient, price is appropriate for reference basis, in addition to consider how many additional functions, specific four methods to carry out reference selection:

One: buy industrial vacuum cleaner method, see whether there is dust bag protection device.Dust collecting bag or filter bag is the key part of industrial vacuum cleaner, but it is easy to be damaged by metal and other materials.Some industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with an electromagnet on the dust brush, which can absorb scrap iron, blades, needles and so on to avoid them entering the dust bag.

Two: choose industrial vacuum cleaner, see the quality of industrial vacuum cleaner.In addition to the origin of industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners brand, from the appearance of components can also roughly judge the credibility of the product.Products that look bad tend to have poor internal quality.Internal quality can be judged from motor noise and air suction.When checking, also should pay attention to whether the hose and its interface leakage, whether the accessories and spare parts are complete to see whether cleaning dust is convenient.Some old industrial vacuum cleaners need to be shaken off when they empty the dust, making it dusty, which is not only very inconvenient, but also unsanitary.The new vacuum cleaner is simple and clean.

Three: see whether there is dust display device.Industrial vacuum dust accumulation, should be timely cleaning, otherwise it will affect the life of the vacuum motor.Therefore, it is necessary to have a red light to remind the user to stop operation and clean up the dust accumulation.

Four: see whether there is strong and weak suction control device.Industrial vacuum cleaner USES the occasion many, good has the suction strength controllable switch or the motor speed adjustable device, the purpose is to avoid the light weight curtain and so on because the suction is too strong to block the industrial vacuum cleaner suction nozzle.Some industrial vacuum cleaners make a round hole in the long hard tube and use an adjustment ring to adjust the round hole area to change the suction.

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